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Best Heating Grants in the UK

Keeping your home warm with an old heating system or installing a new heating system can be expensive. Luckily, there are several government heating grants to help homeowners and private tenants with the costs of installing a new home heating system. 

The modern heating solution helps cut down your annual energy bills by providing efficient heating. Here’s a guide to the best schemes and grants in the UK offering free heating measures.

1. The Warm Home Discount Scheme

The Warm Home Discount Scheme is a government initiative aimed at helping those on a low income with their electricity bills. If you qualify, you can get a one-off discount on your electricity bill between October and March. Some energy suppliers may even offer the discount on your gas bill instead if they provide both gas and electricity.


  • Pension Credit Guarantee Credit recipients
  • Those on a low income who meet their energy supplier’s criteria

How to Apply: Contact your energy supplier to see if you qualify and apply directly through them.

2. Winter Fuel Payment

The Winter Fuel Payment is a tax-free benefit aimed at helping older people with their heating costs. If you were born on or before a specific date (which changes slightly each year), you can receive between £100 and £300.


  • Born on or before 5 April 1954 (for winter 2023 to 2024)
  • Lived in the UK for at least one day during the week of 18 to 24 September 2023 (known as the ‘qualifying week’)

How to Apply: Most eligible people receive this payment automatically. If you think you’re eligible but haven’t received it, you can apply by contacting the Winter Fuel Payment Centre.

3. Cold Weather Payment

Cold Weather Payments are made to eligible people when the temperature in their area is recorded as, or forecast to be, zero degrees Celsius or below for seven consecutive days. Each payment is £25 for each 7-day period of very cold weather between 1 November and 31 March.


  • Receiving certain benefits such as Pension Credit, Income Support, or Universal Credit
  • Meet other criteria related to your situation (e.g., having a disability or a child under 5)

How to Apply: Payments are made automatically. If you qualify, you’ll receive the payment without needing to apply.

4. Energy Company Obligation (ECO) Scheme

The ECO scheme requires large energy companies to help improve the energy efficiency of households. This can include grants for boiler replacements or home insulation.


  • Low-income households
  • Those in fuel poverty
  • Vulnerable individuals

How to Apply: Contact your energy supplier or visit the Ofgem website to find more information and see if you qualify.

5. Local Authority Grants

Many local councils offer grants to help with home heating and insulation. These can vary widely depending on where you live, but they often target those on low incomes or with certain health conditions.


Varies by council, but often includes:

  • Low-income households
  • Elderly residents
  • People with certain health conditions

How to Apply: Check your local council’s website or contact them directly for information on available grants and how to apply.

6. Green Homes Grant (Closed)

While the Green Homes Grant scheme closed in March 2021, it’s worth noting for historical context. This grant helped homeowners cover the cost of energy-efficient home improvements.

Future Schemes: Keep an eye on government announcements for any new schemes that may replace or supplement past initiatives.

7. ECO4 Scheme

There are government grants applications accepted under the ECO4 scheme to encourage property owners to install low carbon heating systems such as heat pumps. This can help reduce carbon emissions and lower heating costs in the long run.


  • Available for homeowners and private landlords
  • Property must meet certain insulation requirements

How to Apply: Apply through an approved installer who will apply for the grant on your behalf.

Tips for Applying

  • Check Eligibility Criteria First: Make sure you understand the eligibility criteria for each grant or scheme before applying.
  • Gather Necessary Documents Early: Have your identification, proof of income, and any other required documents ready.
  • Apply with Government-approved Installer: Some grants have limited funds, so applying early with a government-approved installer can increase your chances of receiving support.
  • Seek Help: If you’re unsure about the application process, many organizations offer advice and support.


Staying warm during the winter months is essential for health and comfort. By taking advantage of the available grants and schemes, UK homeowners and private tenants can reduce their heating costs and improve their home’s energy efficiency. Check your eligibility and apply for these grants to make your home a warmer, more comfortable place without breaking the bank.




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